David & Christine Fuller            

Our Journey

David and Christine have been a 'package deal' since 1992 and continue to increase with their 4th child born late March 2008. In 1989 they were both involved in short term mission work in New Zealand and overseas for two years prior to their marriage. They were associated with City Faith Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.

1995-1997 David was the Youth Pastor with City Faith Centre.
1997-2002 He served as the Senior Assistant of City Faith Centre.
1997-2002 David was the Deputy Principal of the Faith Leadership Training Centre International (Auckland Campus)
2002-2007 David and Christine faithfully served the City Faith Centre congregation as Senior Ministers.
2007 -
God directed David and Christine to launch a brand new initiative for the community - The Hope Centre where they could more effectively serve the wider community.

Christine is a qualified early childhood teacher and has run a successful business known as 'Hands Alive Puppet Theatre.' Her passion is to draw out the best in people and to use her creativity to broaden their life experience. She currently home schools one of her children determining to help him develop a good balance of life skills.

David is passionate about teaching in a way that inspires and empowers people to reach their maximum potential. He has a background in mechanical engineering, and enjoys riding his motoX bike with his Dad!

David and Christine both believe that The Hope Centre is their most significant step to date. This step has involved relocating to a new family home and leaving the predictability of 'normal church life' in order to bring empowering influence to a wider group of people in the community.